The Book!

I’m very happy to announce that my book The Evening Show, Revealing the Universe Through Astrophotography is now finally available in print at It’s been available since the beginning of the year digitally on Apples iBooks platform, and a few months later I had reformatted it for the the Kindle as well. Still a bit more reworking and finessing, and it’s now available as a print book. I’ve written some best selling technical books in the past and this is my first self-published work, and it’s a very different “artsy” topic. I had some concerns about self publishing, but eventually decided this was the way to go for what was really a labor of love and the result of being requested to put something like this together for some time. My biggest fear about the print version was that the images would not come out right. At least on an iPad, etc. they should be pretty close. I was only partially right, and a couple of the photos are a little “off” from what I would prefer, but for a print on demand product it’s surprisingly good.

The printed version actually came out quite nice I think.

Unless you compare the printed version to the electronic version, you’d never know, but an interesting observation… the astrophotos came out better than expected really with some slight shift in a couple of them. But a few of the regular daytime photographs are a bit off (again, only I can tell). I’m guessing someone proofed this and the adjustments needed to make the astrophoto’s come out right, didn’t work as well for some of the daytime images. It’s a good tradeoff I can live with and if that’s the case they made the right call. I’m sure with a more expensive means of publication more care could be made per image and I’d get galley proofs like I did with my OpenGL books, but this was actually a phenomenally easy process to go through. Well… it was a LOT of work, but it was not overly complicated and it did not require a lot of special software that I had to learn to master.

Anyway, I hope you like it! Just in time for Christmas shopping too 😉