My true artistic passion is photography. When it comes to my astronomy, I’m mostly an imager these days, and I do actually prefer the term Astrophotography. I do still like the eyepiece view, but not fuzzy things. Planets, the moon, star clusters, and my FAVORITE, globular clusters (the moon is a close second). Galaxies never impressed me through the eyepiece and the first time I put a camera on one… I was ruined for life.

Galaxies rule!

Galaxies rule!

I am fortunate and honored that my work has appeared in the pages of Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Magazine, Amateur Astronomy, Astronomy Technology Today, Sky at Night, Time Magazines Web site, Universe Today, Space Weather, and many others, including an APOD. I’m also honored to have been invited to speak on the topic of astrophotography at countless star parties, and several imaging conferences and seminars. I’ve also won a few awards and contests, and this is gratifying; it’s not why I do it, but it is nice to be recognized and to have my skills measured as I attempt to improve them.

My online gallery is just a few folders up on this server.

I’m also on Astrobin here: