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Top 10 Rules for Star Party Etiquette

Summer has peaked and the days are slowly getting shorter, and the nights longer. Cool weather, and long nights on the horizon means star party season for me, and in fact I’m heading up to a Star Party in West … Continue reading

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The Surgical Strike

Let me start with… in my defense… the weather forecast was for “some rain”, and then a clear night. My backyard has limits when it comes to astrophotography. There’s just enough sky to get some R&D type work done, some … Continue reading

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You’ve Got Some Nice Data

Regardless of your craft or art form, the best way to know you’re improving over time is to look back at something you did a few years ago and feel a since of… Wow, I could do so much better … Continue reading

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The Evening Show

Addendum: This book is also now available on Kindle. I just released on iBooks my first digital book, which is also my first book on Astrophotography. I’ve long been an opponent of self-publishing, and now that I’ve done it, does … Continue reading

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