Star Parties

Some of my favorite star parties, not an exhaustive list, just some highlights.

Winter Star Party
Every year I must have my latitude adjustment! Hands down my favorite annual event. It’s a great week/vacation/work thing.

This is a fun event out at a desert resort in the California desert. I’ve been an invited speaker here twice now, and it’s a great event with some great people involved.

Central Florida Astronomical Society – Astrofest
My own club in Central Florida has a star party twice a year down at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. Great dark skies, and great social time. I really like that KPP has a section dedicated just to astronomer campers.

Cherry Springs Star Party
One of my favorite sites in the North East. It’s a long long drive for me, but when the weather is good, the skies are amazing! It’s on my priority list for now on.

Nebraska Star Party
Excellent Milky Way and hosts. Not terribly imager heavy, but there were a handful of us. I was the keynote speaker in 2015 and there’s a blog about it here.

OkieTex Star Party
his place is REALLY remote but probably the darkest skies of any star party I’ve ever attended. Really well attended as well. I’ve only been once, but hope to return. My visit was summarized here.

Texas Star Party
This is one grand daddy of a star party! Odd that I did not blog about my experience. I will have to fix that when I return in 2017. Huge crowd, great skies (not the best, but quite great non-the-less). VERY dusty and windy, you must be prepared for this.