The Bisque Mother Ship

Paramount MX's being finished for shipping.

Daniel Bisque in the machine shop

Just got back home to Florida from my trip to Golden Colorado to visit the Software Bisque mother ship for a couple of days. The first day was meetings with some guests, and it included a tour of the machine shop where the Paramounts, Tripods, etc. are made. I’ve been there a few times, but it never gets old. Freshly machined aluminum is just so…. forgive me…. pretty. I snapped a few pictures and made a video for a friend showing how one of the machines works cutting out a part from a solid block of aluminum. I’m surprised how many people don’t know that all our hardware is made right here in the USA, right in Golden in fact by the Bisque’s themselves. It’s the only way to ensure the quality control we need to. Yes, we/they are control freaks. Sometimes though that’s what it takes.

We also did quite a bit of planning the second day for the wrap up strategy for our next iOS offering. A couple of years ago, I told an audience at both the Mid West Imaging Conference, and the Night Fall star party that we were going to take a gradual approach, starting with Gas Giants. We decided to scrap that idea and what’s coming is nothing less than the entire TheSkyX engine, ported to the iOS platform (we were showing this off at NEAIC/NEAF). And yes, R&D for Android is also ongoing. Further… <tease tease>, that’s not going to be the last time I have to eat my words about iOS. I have a boatload of very exciting work that will keep me busy for years. We are late to the table with a full-blown astronomy app for iOS, and we know it has to simply be far and away better than anything else available right now. I think we are going to meet that goal, and we are by no means out of ideas.

I usually stay at Tom Bisque’s house now when I’m out there as it’s silly to put me in a hotel when he lives just a few blocks away. There’s even a Starbucks nearby, so it was comfy cozy like home. The weather wasn’t great for imaging, which was just as well. Sometimes poor Tom needs to be taken “offline” about work things (who doesn’t?!?). He’s actually an avid gamer, Sci-Fi, and flight simulator enthusiast. After work hours we did non-astro nerdy stuff, and the last night we destroyed several million dollars worth of aircraft, virtually that is, with his flight simulator.

An early Christmas present, Steve showed me my new tripod (okay, it’s not really “mine”), but the new pyramid tripods are ready and I’m getting one for the MX to show off literally as soon as we get some shipping materials in so we can package them up. I’m sure there are some anxious orders to be filled when that happens too. I’ll have more to say about that too once I have one to myself.

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