Ebook cover formatted for iPad and color Kindle readers.

I’m very pleased to announce that my book The Evening Show, Revealing the Universe Through Astrophotography is now finally available in print at Amazon.com in addition to digital versions on Apples iBooks platform, and for color Kindle readers as well.

The cover of the printed version.

Is it possible to write a book about astrophotography for the general public or visual astronomer? I think so!

I wrote this book first for friends and family to explain what astrophotography is, and the kinds of images we can take using earth based amateur equipment. Organized by the kinds of targets and images that we take, it’s a survey of astrophotography from nightscapes to deep views of galaxies far far away.

This book is not a technical “how to” book but rather an inspirational book that shows the breadth and depth of the night sky when you turn a camera upwards. You may just learn a thing or two about how these images are taken, as well as the kinds of objects that lay just beyond the naked eye right over our heads every night!