The Hamburger Galaxy

NGC 3628 is one of my favorite galaxies. It has a very distinctive look to it and a gorgous dust lane running right through the center. Approximately 35 million light years away, it is the faintest of the well know "Leo Triplet" of galaxies in the constellation Leo.

This is my first published long focal length image, shot at 2450mm on a Celestron Edge HD 9.25" scope. There was considerable moonlight too boot and I did not expect the image to come out as well as it did. I'm pretty happy with it.

Image Details
Camera: Starlight Xpress Trius-694
Optic: Edge HD 9.25 @ f/10
Exposure: 7 hours of LRGB, 15 minute subs.
Mount: Paramount ME, TheSkyX
Date: March, 2014

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The Hamburger Galaxy