The Pari Galaxies

This interacting pair of galaxies (NGC 5426 & 5427) first caught my attention on a glass plate that was being used to show an example of the world class historical photo archive at PARI ( I volunteer for this institution, and this plate is used on their table at events. I took a photograph of the plate and set about to photograph the actual pair myself. The result is four hours of exposure over two nights in mid April, 2014. I think it's an interesting contrast between the old and new worlds of astrophotography.

Image Details
Camera: Starlight Xpress Trius-694
Optic: Edge HD 9.25 @ f/10
Exposure: 1 hour each LRGB, 15 minute subs.
Mount: Paramount ME, TheSkyX
Date: April, 2014

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The Pari Galaxies