Mars and the Blue Horsehead

This image shows Mars prominently upper right of center, and a bit of the Rho Ophiuchi nebula in the upper right corner. Below and left of Mars is a reflection nebula sometimes called the "Blue Horshead" (IC 4592 for the particular). I think it looks more like a Dragon head... ;-)

At the 2016 Texas Star Party, I mounted a Canon 5D Mark III piggyback on a scope on a Paramount MYT. I shot 4 minute unguided subs at ISO 800 with a 200mm Canon f/2.8 L series lens @f/4.5.

I had no computer control of the DSLR that night, so I used an intervalometer and stacked the resultant RAW camera files in PixInsight. I took only 5 darks, and made due with no flats.

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Mars and the Blue Horsehead