Messier 20

The Trifid Nebula is a beautiful emission nebula in Sagittarius. This was my first night image with my Mak-Newt when it was brand new. The stars are progressively out of focus as you move to the lower left due to camera tilt. I've since then replaced the cheap focuser it came with with one from Moonlight. I'm suprised how much red I got given this was before I had my camera modified. Short exposures... I hadn't reached the 5 minute mark on unguided tracking.

Image Details
Camera: Canon T1i (unmodified)
Optic: 190mm Mak-Newt f/5.3
Exposure: 51x90 seconds stacked
ISO: 800
Mount: Paramount ME
Date: April 5 a.m., 2011
Other: Imaged from Kissimmee Prarie Reserve State Park, FL

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Messier 20