Messier 44

This open cluster is also known as the Beehive Cluster, or Praesepe (Latin for Manger), and is located in the constellation Cancer. It actually looks like a faint fuzzy to the naked eye, but is composed of hundreds of individual stars. I added diffraction spikes by taping string across the aperture of my telescope since it didn't have spider vanes. I think many cluster just look a little better with the diffraction spikes, and I can't bring myself to add them artificially with Photoshop.

I always imagine a little creature with horns looking at me when I look at this cluster.

Image Details
Camera: QSI 683-ws8
Optic: Veloce RH-200
Exposure: 300 seconds x 9 on each RGB channel.
Mount: Paramount MX, TheSkyX
Date: February, 2013
Other: Taken in Suburban Lake Mary, FL Processed with PixInsight and PhotoShop.

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Messier 44