M45 (The Pleiades) is the architypical reflection nebula. This grouping of stars to the naked eye looks like a tiny little dipper in the constellation Taurus. The seven sisters as they are often called actually consists of several dozen very young hot blue stars. Astronomers think these stars formed only within the last 100 million years.

On the lower right, there is a tiny galaxy (PGC 13696) visible. If you look carefully at the full resolution version, you can find it.

Image Details
Camera: Canon T1i (unmodified)
Optic: 190mm Mak-New f/5.3
Exposure: 61x3minutes stacked
ISO: 800
Mount: Paramount ME
Date: Oct 2 a.m., 2011
Other: Imaged from suburban Lake Mary Florida with an LPS light pollution filter. 

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