The Ultimate Portable Setup

Meet Bean, my Esprit 80, and part of my ultimate portable setup, shown here on one of my camping/imagng trips to the Dry Tortugas National Park.

The Paramount MYT is powered by an EGO 56v utility battery (Lithium Ion), and the camera (cooled SX Trius 694) is powered by a LiFe 12v/25ah battery. Riding atop is a Raspberry Pi 2 (now upgraded to a Pi 3), powered off the Versa Plate 5v supply. The Pi communicates with the mount via WiFi, and the iPad is running a VNC client that allows me to use the Pi like a remote laptop. Once I'm imaging, I can just disconned/shutdown the tablet to save battery while the scope and mount image away. There is also a Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focuser, which is also motorized/automated.

Bean of course goes with Ender, the larger of my two Esprit's. Where the names come from is left as an exercise for the reader.


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The Ultimate Portable Setup