Horsehead and Flame

This area of the sky is just beneath the leftmost star of Orion's belt (for northern hemisphere viewers). It is a very deep exposure in a very narrow specific wavelength of reddish light. This provides a very high contrast view of glowing hydrogen gas in the area. To the right is a feature known as the Flame Nebula, and in the middle you can see a small chessman looking horse outline, the horsehead nebula, formed by a region of dust blocking the light from the glowing gas behind it. This is the deepest image of this region I've ever acquired and there are a myriad of small details and subtle features I've never noticed before in my own or others photographs.

Image Details

Camera: FLI Microline 16200
Optic: Veloce, RH-200
Mount: Paramount MYT
Date: Early December, 2016
Narrowband Ha, 2.5 hours of integration time.

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Horsehead and Flame