North American and Pelican Nebula

The North American and Pelican Nebula are classic wide field objects. 12 hours of data in narrow band wavelength, and I think this image better characterizes the true nature of the object. It often looks as if the shapes are "objects" in front of a star field, but in truth, they are "holes" in a dusty region allowing the glowing gass behind them to show through, in the shapes we see here.

Note: This image appears in the Readers Gallery of Sky & Telescope in the January, 2014 issue.


Image Details
Camera: QSI 683-ws8
Optic: Canon 200mm L Series prime focus @f/4.0
Exposure: 12x20minutes Ha, OIII, and SII (3nm Astrodon)
Mount: Paramount MX
Date: August, 2013
Other: Imaged from Lake Mary, Florida. Processed with Pixinsight and Photoshop. Captured with TheSkyX and the Camera Add On.

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North American and Pelican Nebula