The Dark Horse

There is perhaps not a more iconic representation of astrophotography than the famous Horsehead Nebula, a region of dust, the smokey remains of a star long gone, that shadows the glowing hydrogen gas behind it. This dark horse is approximately 1500 light years from us in the belt of Orion the Hunter. Also visible in this image is the blue "tunnel" reflection nebula cataloged as NGC 2023. I love this region too, as it makes me think of a space tunnel of old Sci-Fi to another world.

Image Details

Camera: Starlight Xpress Trius 694
Optic: Quattro 12" Newtonian
Exposure: 3 hours RGB, 
Mount: Paramount MX+
Date: January, 2017
Other: Imaged from Stardust Ranch in Okeechobee Florida. 

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The Dark Horse