The Cone and Fox Fur Nebula

This is one busy image. It contains the cone nubula, the Fox Fur Nebula, and the Christmas Tree Cluster. This is actually the very FIRST light image taken with the Veloce RH-200. It was low, there was dew, everything was against me, and the red channel was a bit out of focus. On my third processing attempt, I can say while not my proudest image, I'm at least not terribly embarrased by it any further.

Image Details
Camera: QSI 583ws
Optic: RH-200 f/3
Exposure: 6x5minutes Red, 6x5 Green, 6x5 Blue, 12x5 L
Mount: Paramount MX
Date: March 25 a.m., 2012
Other: Imaged from Kissimmee Praire Preserve State Park, FL

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The Cone and Fox Fur Nebula