Celestial Mutant

Mutant goldfish, or head of a Cardinal?

This was my last image from the Winter Star Party of 2017. It is NGC2467, also known as the Skull and Crossbones Nebula. It certainly does not look like a skull or crossbones to me, but maybe in an eyepiece.

A friend pointed this object out to me and I decided to shoot it while I was at WSP. It's very southerly, and not often photographed. It is small, this is cropped way down from the original, which was pretty wide field. It needs more focal length and/or smaller pixels I think to do it justice. There was quite a bit more blue than I see in most other images of this on-line, and I had a struggle to keep the Ha (red) from overpowering it, and I've reprocessed this from scratch about 3 times now. Time to give up. I wish now I'd shot some OIII too. Next year I'll spend more time on this fellow.

Image Details


Camera: FLI Proline 16803
Optic: Sky-Watcher Esprit 150
Exposure: 2 Hours Ha, 2.5+ hours RGB
Mount: Paramount ME II
Date: February, 2017

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Celestial Mutant