The Witch Head Nebula

The Witch has been my nemesis for a few years now. Every attempt to image her has been foiled by bad glare from nearby Rigel, reflections in my optics, or just poor weather. This year I finally captured her at the Winter Star Party. This is only two hours of data, and I hope to revisit her again soon.

The Witch Head is a reflection nebula about 900 light years away to the lower right of Orion in the constellation Eridanus.

Image Details

Camera: QHY 10
Optic: Sky-Watcher ESprit 80
Exposure: 12 x 10minutesĀ 
Mount: Paramount MyT
Date: February 18 & 19, 2015
Other: Imaged from Scout Key during the Winter Star Party

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The Witch Head Nebula