Narrow Band

01/05/2017 |
Narrow BandThe addition of a 3nm Astrodon Hyrdogen Alpha filter to my QSI CCD was a fantastic additinon to my toolset. The great beauty of this wavelength is that it's imprevious to suburban light pollution, and more or less immune to moonlight. Over time I've acquired more cameras and more narrowband filters of different wavelengths and band passes (the wider Ha filters are affected by Moonlight... btw). I love shooting narroband as the images tend to be very high contrast and show details often missed in broadband color images.

Dry Tortugas Article

01/05/2017 |

Be sure and check out my latest Sky & Telescope article, on my imaging adventures in the Dry Tortugas. In the February 2017 issue.

Advanced Imaging Conference

07/08/2015 |

I'm happy to announce that I've been invited to speak at this years AIC (2015) on the topic of DSLR imaging. Registration is now open! It will be an introductory workshop loosely based on my talk last year at SWAP in Tucson.

Solar System

07/01/2015 |
Solar System

My love for astrophotography started with shooting images of the moon, followed by some severely botched attempts at the planets. I return to solar system objects from time to time. Some aspects are far easier and more relaxing than deep space photography, and others (planets!) are as difficult if not more so to me. 

Modified DSLR Article

06/14/2015 |

I wrote a short peice for Photography World Blog about modifying DSLR's for astrophotography and nightscapes. This was aimed at a more general audience and I hope some find it helpful in discovering what this is all about. Read it here:

Featured Aurora Photography

04/05/2015 |

It's an honor that my recent aurora photography in Alaksa was featured by the web site Photography World. Check it out here:

First Place!

02/27/2015 |

The weather this year at WSP was very challenging for the imaging crowd. Very windy most of the week, and a lot of clouds and some rain to boot. Monday night before the real wind started, I managed to get two hours on Sharpless 308 with the Veloce and a Starlight Xpress camera. I brought out the shell structure with three 20 minute narrowband OIII exposures.

See the winning image in Nebula Gallery.

WSP Talk

01/23/2015 |

I'm giving a talk at this years Winter Star Party in the keys on selecting a camera for Astrophotography. Topics like matching pixel size to your optics and seeing, mono vs. color, etc. will be covered.


Southwest Astrophotography Seminar

10/08/2014 |

I'll be speaking this year (2014) at SWAP in Tucson Arizona. The imaging conference is Wednesday October 29-31st, and precedes the Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo. I'll be presiding over two roundtable discussion groups on Wednesday, and giving introductory talks on DSLR astroimaging, and one on general equipment selection for beginners. I'm also there as a vendor, representing Software Bisque, and we'll have a big booth at the ASAE expo that weekend. Icing on the cake, Halloween night I get to tour the Mt. Lemmon Sky Center.

Details on SWAP are here:

Time Magazine Appearance

05/20/2014 |

Well, on the web anyway. My image of M101 was honored by Time Magazine on-line as one of the best astrophotos of 2014. I think really, it was just one of the best one's submitted... I've seen many better ;-)