Southern Trails
Can you tell which direction the camera was facing for this star trail? Bet you can. I call this Southern Trails. This star trail image was made by combining 68 individual 2 minute exposures made on a tripod. Several things interest me about this photo. You can see a very distinct line where the still tidal pool meets the more turbulent deeper waters as the still water makes a better reflection of the star trails. Taken at this years Winter Star Party in the Florida Keys, you can see on the right the red lights along the shore from some of the hundreds of amateur astronomers who gather at this event every year to star gaze under the southern skies. The skies were amazing and the stars go almost all the way to the horizon. The bright streak along the horizon on the left hand side is a passing fishingboat over the course of the hour+ these exposures were gathered.

Canon 5D, Mark III.
Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 Lens
68x2 minute exposures @ISO 2000 

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Southern Trails