The Lagoon

At this years Texas Star Party, I sat up with my friends from Sky-Watcher USA as always, and also Michael Hattey from Starlight Xpress was there. Michael brought me a present too, an updated control board for one of my favorite cameras, the Trius 694. The new control board turned my Trius into a “Trius Pro”, which meant another reduction of read noise, by 1/2, and an almost doubling of the download speed. What’s not to like? The seeing at TSP was a bit soft (using an Esprit 120), so I shot binned 2×2, and this image is only two hours of two minute exposures through RGB filters. There’s a little blooming on the saturated stars (elongation due to electron’s leaking into neighboring pixel cells), and this was tuned out afterwards (electronics upgrades need a little tweaking too). I plan to shoot this again at the Grand Canyon Star Party next month, so stay tuned and see what the camera can do at full quality!

First light on the Lagoon with a Trius 694 Pro.