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Do-it-yourself RH-200 Focuser Upgrades

Victoria, as she is called, is my Officina Stellare RH-200 astrograph, or the Veloce. Eight inches of aperture at f/3 (3.46 corrected T/value) she is the Ferrari of my collection. When I first bought her, she had the standard manual … Continue reading

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The ARP Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies

Any avid astrophotographer will tell you that at some point you have to ask yourself, “How many times can I shoot M42”? I derive a lot of satisfaction out of shooting with different cameras/optics/etc. and modifying my techniques, so yes … Continue reading

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Cherry Springs

Seventeen hours by car from where I live, just north of the center of the state of Pennsylvania near the New York state line, you’ll see on the Google Earth dark sky overlay an area surrounded by blue, which indicates … Continue reading

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The Rokinon 14mm f/2.8

As a vendor in the astrophotography business I have access to a lot of premium gear for my use. But I do have to use my own money for much of my passion, and being that I’m not independently wealthy, … Continue reading

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