Which ISO?

Well, it’s been a busy month! In this month’s Sky & Telescope Imaging Foundations, I tell you how to easily determine the best ISO to use for low light Astrophotography. Choosing the Best (Good Enough) ISO for Astrophotography  

My First Processing Webinar

Here comes another Sky & Telescope webinar. I’ve resisted the call to do a class or anything on processing for a while, but finally gave in to some friends who have pressed me on it. There are some bits of processing that aren’t so subjective, and I do feel comfortable talking about those. I think…

The Cygnus Loop

Astrophotography Highlight – The Cygnus Loop

Holy Haleakala!

Checkout my latest Sky & Telescope article about my two imaging trips to Haleakala. Some of the images from these trips can be found in the Nightscapes gallery. Both times it was a work trip to Maui for the AMOS (satellite tracking stuff) conference. Alas, we have to miss this year due to other stuff,…