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I’m three months late with this post, but I’ve started writing a monthly feature/blog for SkySafari that is available to their premium subscribers! Each month, I’ll be calling out an astrophotography target for that month and talking a little bit about the object itself and some general tips for astrophotographers. SkySafari is available for both iOS and Android and is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) mobile astronomy apps. You can use it to find or identify objects in the sky, get notifications about astronomical events, and configure your telescope/eyepieces/cameras to plan viewing or imaging sessions. It also controls a great number of telescopes and has a huge database of objects you can search.

This month I’m talking about my favorite target visually, which also makes a pretty nice astrophotography target, M13 (Messier 13), or the great globular cluster in Hercules. Past articles are also available. Last month was the large galaxy M101, and before that the Leo Triplet of Galaxies. It is “Galaxy Season” after all. Each month, I’ll focus on a target that is ready to go at evening astronomical twilight (when it’s dark enough to image deep sky targets). It’s going to be a very long time before I run out of targets to talk about, and I hope you will check it out and enjoy!

If you have SkySafari 7 Pro and already have a subscription to the premium features, just click “Tonight” on the bottom toolbar on your mobile phone or tablet.



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