To the MOON!!

Read with Sean Connery’s accident, “You call this astrophotography?”

Happens to me all the time… on the space coast. I am quite fortunate to live an hour away from the Kennedy Space Center, and I can see most launches from my yard when the weather is good. Sometimes though, you just have to drive over, and not since the last time I drove over for a night Shuttle launch have I seen something so spectacular as the launch of Artemis 1. The Moon has always been my first love of the celestial realm, and since I was a boy I dreamt of walking there one day. I still remember my mother getting me out of bed just shy of four years old to see the broadcast of Armstrong on the Moon. My father acted like it was the greatest thing ever, and it left an impression on me to this day. I plan to be there too when mankind (and this time a more diverse crew) again launches to the Moon. Godspeed Artemis 1, the precursor to our return to crewed flights to the Moon!!

Oh… and I got an extra bonus. I caught what I’m pretty sure is a NASA helicopter monitoring the launch, or it’s silhouette in the bring light of the launch. It had no running lights, but it’s as plan as day when you spot it in this photo! It’s astonishing how recently even a helicopter would be considered a fantasy, and here we are going to the Moon AGAIN!

Artemis 1 Launch
Back to the Moon! And watching nearby, see if you can spot a helicopter monitoring the launch.

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